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what is this

a big fucking lie

not a bun in this shit


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really all you need to know about the american health care system is that there’s a popular tv series where a man turns to cooking industrial quantities of crystal meth in order to pay his hospital bills

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Someone actually made a useable model of Marty’s Coffee Mug Bong from Cabin In The Woods, and I need it in my life. 

i’ll take 10
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Based on this (x). Conclusion: they’re still fuckers. 

Or maybe daddy works all week to provide us money for food and clothes

Because daddy’s labour is arbitrarily placed at a higher value and the work he does all week is no more important or legitimate than domestic labour. The capital value of the same relative labour is dependent on the gender of the person its performed by, and the capital values of different, specific kinds of labour, are dependent on the gender of the person who usually performs them in a society. The work easily available to women is priced cheap or free, and the work women have to struggle harder to get is still worth less capital than that same work when performed by men. 
In short, daddy gets to choose what he gets to work on, and the job he gets to choose can easily generate more than enough money to feed and shelter more than one person.  In this scenario, women still have to do work, but are often forced to depend on others to support them, let alone able to consider supporting others with their labour. 
In some cases, men might actually prefer their wives to do even less in terms of domestic labour, because it will be a symbol of conspicuous leisure, which is the mark of status. Women doing no work at all only happens if daddy has so much money and power that he wants to show it to people by how he can support a family with even less work on their part. 
A society directing women to be dependent on men, who like their women that way, is definitively a patriarchy, and the division of labour between men and women continues to reinforce gender inequality even today. 
Hopefully you can see more of the repercussions of EXACTLY WHAT WAS IMPLIED IN THE ORIGINAL POST now. 

oh, please, please, please read this commentary because this person was kind enough to give y’all a free lesson on gender roles WRT  domestic work/work in a capitalist society since we, in America, live in a masculine society in terms of work and values.
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nice looking family. 
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